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SecMod® - Security Module for Linux operating systems

SecMod is an extension module for Linux operating systems that gives an administrator total control over what applications and users can do on the system.

Easy installation

SecMod is 100% compatible with all existing Unix applications and services. System kernel or applications do not need patching to support SecMod.

All you need to do is load SecMod kernel module during system start-up and configure it to secure your system. Several example configurations are available for popular system services and applications.

Universal and lasting solution against security vulnerabilities

By making possible to control on operating system level in great detail what specified applications can do (what files they can access and how, what system calls they can call and how) SecMod is an universal and lasting solution for most operating system and application security vulnerabilities that exist and are to be found.

Less work and stress for system administrators

Constant monitoring of security bulletins and immediate system patching when bugs are reported is not so critical when SecMod has been installed. Vulnerability in system software will not give intruders any extra privileges in properly configured SecMod system.

Further information

Please ask for more information about SecMod and how it could be used in your company:

Telephone +358-14-4455100 or by email

We will be glad to provide you with more detailed information and even arrange a demonstration.


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