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SecWall® - A Modular Firewall

As the use of Internet has grown - the information security risks of networked environments have become an everyday problem of every company. Securing all network connection to company and some connections inside the company are basic security measures for protecting a company network from unauthorized use. SecWall is firewall software that offers efficient and easy-to-use security for wide range of network connections. SecWall also offers easy measures to control and monitor the quality of network connections so that the most important information can always pass the network connections even if the network is under high stress, overloaded or even under attack from outside.

Being modular means that SecWall can be installed on wide range of hardware platforms starting from cheap tabletop and embedded platforms to high-end redundant servers. Also by the efficient use of SecMod security module, several network applications and even eBusiness solutions can be provided on the same hardware platform without compromising security. This makes the need to invest in several different hardware platforms unnecessary in many cases.

Protects the network connections

Being a firewall means that SecWall can be configured in great detail to pass only certain network traffic initiating from specified origins and destined to known destination systems. Firewall checks all the information passing through and filters all the unwanted and non-allowed network traffic and routes only wanted traffic to or from the company network. The internal structure and address space of company network can be hidden by using different types network address masquerading techniques.

Secured Virtual Private Network (VPN) connections

SecWall makes it possible to connect different company and partner locations securely to each other. The connections between different sites will be strongly encrypted and authorized so that the information passing public networks can be trusted. Also for redundancy different connection can be used simultaneously or concurrently without the end users noticing the difference.

Firewall that can grow with the company

Being modular also means that using SecWall can be started on modest hardware platform and as the needs of company grow the firewall can grow also without the need for finding completely different solution. This protects the investment that the company makes into firewall product by making it unnecessary to re-educate the IT staff when firewall hardware platform changes.

Further information

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